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What it means to be a Descendant:
Many things come to mind when I review my awareness
of my unique and often troubling existence as one who
identifies with the special place in history and the
complete awe, horror and discomfort one feels in being
the next generation.
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Yizkor 2013 Memorial
Book. To support this
Yom Hashoah event,
click the Sheerit
Hapleitah logo below:

A Jewish Nazi:
A question that haunts the mind: Who is Otto, the
German soldier who had saved so many Jews?
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Editorial Views

From the ADSIllinois President:
The word Shoah is our word for Holocaust. Just as we
have moved forward by renaming our group, we need to
move forward in thought and action.We are looking to
include the children of children who have less and less
connection to the history of the major heart rending
attempt to destroy our people. [See article]

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How you can take part in ADSIlinois:
We have an Association of Descendants of the Shoah
Newsletter called "A Brievla". When you become a
member, you will receive our informative newsletter with
articles and stories of interest, planned group events and
much more. Contact us at for
details.[See more info]

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